Special Education Teacher, Mandaree School District

Special Education Teacher


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June 25, 2020

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Mandaree School District
PO Box 488
Mandaree, ND 58757
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Carolyn Bluestone, Supt.
Phone: 701-759-3311
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Job Description:
Special Ed. Teacher increases student learning of the core content areas of instruction through implementation of the adopted curriculum. a. Works with the regular classroom teachers to insure the special needs of the handicapped students are being met. Modifies and implements the adopted grade level curriculum to meet the student's IEP goals and objectives. Students assigned to the teacher will meet or exceed the proficiency level outlined through the state aligned curriculum and standardized assessments. 2. Special Ed. Teacher implements and maintains appropriate records management requirements that adhere to the laws set by IDEA and prescribed local, state, and national policies. a. Keeps all student IEPs current assuring they contain all required elements. Consistently updates class records and electronic records reflect continuous recording of student data. Data is recorded accurately and timely. Teacher submits reports to appropriate stakeholders within specified timelines assuring IEPs are scheduled and held at the appropriate times. Sp. Ed. Teacher conducts teacher training in records management and is recognized as an expert in record management. 3. Special Ed. Teacher utilizes scientifically researched-based strategies to address the special needs of the students. a. Sp. Ed. Teacher interprets and utilizes documentation of student achievement. Makes appropriate modifications/accommodations/adaptations for students with special needs to assure their needs are being met. The Sp. Ed. Teacher reviews attendance records, incident referrals, IEPs, behavior plans and prior interventions to determine long and short term learning goals for all assigned students. Modifications/accommodations/adaptations are listed on the lesson plans. 4. Special Ed. Teacher demonstrates a willingness to examine and implement school improvement through scientifically researched-based change. a. Sp. Ed. Teacher assumes appropriate leadership role in the study and implementation of research and design of improved instructional strategies and school reform initiatives. Coordinates and facilitates active roles for parents and community members regarding special education matters. 5. Special Ed. Teacher comprehends the principles of student development and learning and applies them appropriately. a. Integrates the use of cognitive thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, divergent thinking, inquiry, and decision-making into instruction. Sped. Teacher selects the most effective materials/techniques to address a variety of student needs, learning styles, levels, and rates. 6. The Special Ed. Teacher provides lesson plans written to give clear explanation relating to lesson content and procedures that are aligned to the school curriculum and presented in a prescribed format. Special needs students and their modifications are stated on the lesson plan comprehensively. a. Lesson plans are prepared, written clearly, relevantly and concisely organized, and serve as a model. The Sp. Ed. teacher conducts training on lesson planning. Lesson plans are based on standards to include specialized content areas, and student needs are stated. 7. Special Ed. teacher provides instruction, which incorporates tribal language and/or culture. a. Creates a classroom environment that contributes to cultural awareness. Surface areas used for cultural displays; and hands-on activities, performances and presentations promoting cultural awareness. Special Education Teacher Job Description Page 1 8. Special education teacher provides an effective student discipline plan that promotes positive student behavior, is aligned with school parent compact and school-wide discipline policy, and is clearly communicated to students. a. Sp. Ed. Teacher designs a comprehensive classroom discipline plan that is communicated to students, and posted within the classroom. All students understand behavioral expectations. The Sp. Ed. teacher demonstrates effective classroom management techniques and uses those techniques to resolve more serious discipline problems. 9. School personnel will maintain a positive attitude that will aid in relationship building. a. Greets students/staff in a friendly manner and uses appropriate language; provides physical and emotional support to students when needed; demonstrates professionalism when meeting with parents; contact parents about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors either in writing or by phone. 10. Selects, stores, orders, issues, cares for, and inventories equipment, materials, and supplies used in the classroom. 11. Instructs effectively with technology and teaches the tools of technology within coursework. 12. Participates in on-going professional development. 13. Maintain a web page on the school web site. 14. Is on time and reports to assigned duties. 15. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

E-mail application to Superintendent C. Bluestone - https://5il.co/7kop