Special Education Coordinator, Mandaree School District

Special Education Coordinator


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June 25, 2020

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Mandaree School District
PO Box 488
Mandaree, ND 58757
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Carolyn Bluestone, Supt.
Phone: 701-759-3311
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Job Description:
Duties and Responsibilities: 1. The Special Education Coordinator will ensure the provision of a Free Appropriate Public Education for all Bureau-funded special education students. a. Works with the school personnel to insure the special needs of the handicapped students are being met. Provides training and technical assistance to school personnel in federal regulations and instructional strategies/programming. Monitors the implementation of services outlined in the IEP for compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 2. The Special Education Coordinator will develop, implement and revise (as needed) special education program guidelines and procedural manuals. a. Preparation of guidelines and manuals. Knowledge of Individuals with Disabilities Act P.L. 105- 17 and Individuals with Disabilities Improvement Act P.L. 108-466 the development process. Provides training and technical assistance to the schools on the implementation of these documents. 3. Special Education Coordinator develops strategies and administrative procedures to ensure the operation, administration, and fiscal accountability of special education services at the schools within the jurisdiction of the Office of Indian Education Programs. a. Conducts annual on-site program reviews/monitoring for each school's special education program to assure compliance with IDEA. Formalizes finding and recommendations within 30 days and forwards to the school with a copy to OIEP-BEE. Provides assistance to schools in the completion of Consolidated School Reform Plan and annual report. Certifies the ISEP student count of students with disabilities for each school, which includes a review of all special education records. Serves as a specialist and resource person to the schools with education services for students with disabilities. 4. Special Ed. Coordinator demonstrates a willingness to examine and implement school improvement through scientifically researched-based change. a. Sp. Ed. Coordinator assumes appropriate leadership role in the study and implementation of research and design of improved instructional strategies and school reform initiatives. Coordinates and facilitates active roles for parents and community members regarding special education matters. 5. Special Ed. Coordinator comprehends the principles of student development and learning and applies them appropriately. a. Coordinates the use of cognitive thinking skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, divergent thinking, inquiry, and decision-making into instruction. Sp. Ed. Coordinator selects and recommends the most effective materials/techniques to address a variety of student needs, learning styles, levels, and rates. 6. School personnel will maintain a positive attitude that will aid in relationship building. a. Greets students/staff in a friendly manner and uses appropriate language; provides physical and emotional support to students when needed; demonstrates professionalism when meeting with parents; contact parents about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors either in writing or by phone. 7. Is proficient with technology. 8. Participates in on-going professional development. 9. Maintain a web page on the school web site. 10. Is on time and reports to assigned duties. 11. Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Qualifications: 1. Valid North Dakota Teaching Certificate and meet the highly qualified teacher provisions set in the No Child Left Behind legislation. 2. Valid North Dakota driver's license. 3. Must follow the district's Drug and Alcohol Policy. 4. Must complete and sign a Provisional Hiring Statement. E-mail application to Superintendent C. Bluestone - https://5il.co/7kop