Junior High/Senior High Science Instructor, Bottineau Public School District 1

Junior High/Senior High Science Instructor


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February 20, 2024

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Bottineau Public School District 1
301 Brander Street
Bottineau, North Dakota 58318-1199
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Pat Brenden, Superintendent
Phone: 701-228-2266
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2023-2024 Base Salary $44,000 per year (Based on Negotiated Agreement) + Health - Full Single. $7,500 Life Insurance Policy, 10 Sick Days per year cumulative to 120, Personal Leave, can bring in additional years @ $685 per year.

The Bottineau Public School District #1 is looking for a full time Junior High/Senior High Science Instructor for the 2024-25 school year. The teaching position will be responsible for high school instruction in the Bottineau High School grades 7-12. The schedule will be built from the top down (areas of highest content need) looking to fill six instructional periods and have one prep period. The six instructional periods can be in Science or in any area the teacher is highly qualified to teach in ND. 

Bottineau Public School District is in a community with a population of 6,411 in north central ND. The town is located 80 miles north and east of Minot which makes it an excellent community in which to reside and raise your family. The City of Bottineau boasts of a pool, hockey rink in the winter, basketball court, golf course, and hunting and fishing opportunities, housing is available. Additional information about the Bottineau community can be found at: www.bottineau.com 


THE DISTRICT Number of students: 688 PreK-12 Number of administrative staff: 3 Number of teachers: 60 Number of classified staff: 39 To be considered for this position, an applicant’s file must be completed and received by the Bottineau PSD Business Office by April 1, 2024. This position will be filled as soon as possible and will remain open until filled, the application must contain: 


1. A formal letter of application 

2. Resume 

3. Certification of teaching; principal and/or superintendent credential (if required for employment) 

4. Transcripts from institutions where bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree was earned; include transcripts for other additional coursework 

5. Two current letters of recommendation 6. Applicants claiming Veterans Preference must be a North Dakota resident, a wartime veteran, and include form DD-214 

SEND APPLICATION TO Pat Brenden, Superintendent Bottineau School District 301 Brander Street Bottineau, ND 58318 Phone: 701-228-2266 Fax: 701-228-2021 Email: pat.brenden@k12.nd.us www.bottineau.k12.nd.us

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